The 404: The 404 1,472: Where we're staying neutral
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The 404: The 404 1,472: Where we're staying neutral

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Bridget Carey is back to break down the new proposed FCC net neutrality rules, Amazon's deal with HBO and which ISPs aren't delivering on advertised bandwidth speeds.

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Justin Yu
Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals

Justin Yu covers headphones and peripherals for CNET. When he's not wading through Web gulch or challenging colleagues to typing tests, you can find him making fun of technology with Jeff Bakalar every afternoon on The 404 show.

Jeff Bakalar
Senior Editor / Reviews - Gaming, Video

Jeff has been at CNET for more than five years covering games, tech, and pop culture. When he's not playing ice hockey or pinball, you can catch him live every day as the host of CNET's infamous daily show, The 404 Show and every Friday in CNET's first-ever tech comic, Low Latency.

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